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Rouzer says "real men" needed in White House

Sen. Rouzer at campaign stop in Wilmington Sen. Rouzer at campaign stop in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – A video has emerged online that shows Sen. David Rouzer (R) telling supporters at a campaign stop that if Mitt Romney wins in November, turmoil in the Middle East would subside because there would be "real men in the White House."

A member of the audience can be heard saying, "No girly men." Rouzer responds, "That's right, no girly men!"

Wednesday, contacted Rouzer's campaign to elaborate on the statement.

Jessica Wood, a campaign spokeswoman said, "Perhaps Senator Rouzer did not use the best words to express his concerns about President Obama's 'lead from behind' foreign policy, but he stands by the sentiment and believes it is time for strong leadership in the White House."

Rouzer is currently running in a heated campaign for a seat in the US Congress, representing the state's 7th District. His opponent, Rep. Mike McIntyre (D), was first elected to the seat in 1997. 

The video is on YouTube and is said to be from a Tea Party campaign stop that took place in Wilmington last weekend.

It was originally uploaded by a group called NC7RawFootage2012 on YouTube. We are working to uncover just who is behind that group.

Rep. McIntyre and Sen. Rouzer will meet for their first face-to-face debate of the campaign Sept. 28, in the WECT studios.

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