Students, parents pray in front of area schools in See You at the Pole event

Students, parents pray in front of area schools in See You at the Pole event

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - In honor of See You at the Pole, an annual student-led event where students can express their beliefs before the school day, students and adults gathered in front of Angelina County schools to pray Wednesday morning.

See You at the Pole is a nation-wide event that is held on the fourth Wednesday in September.

See You at the Pole is an annualstudent lead event, where students can express their beliefs before startingtheir school day, and students at schools all over Angelina County participatedWednesday morning.

"It's so important to prayand to pray together is incredibly important," Mary Grace Stacey, an 11thgrader at Lufkin High School."

This morning, students stood withheads bowed in front of Lufkin High School for a moment of prayer. At the 22ndannual See You at the Pole event, students took time to pray for their school,faculty, staff, and a successful school year.

"We prayed for theatmosphere in our school, we prayed for boldness for us to be able to stand up forthose who don't know Jesus," Camille Cox, an 11th grader at LHS,said.

Keith Nash, the youth pastor at DenmanAvenue Baptist Church, said the student-led event is a ray of hope for futuregenerations. He added that their actions are an encouragement for the entirecampus.

"It allows students theopportunity to have a stand on their campus that they would be a light to theirfriends, teachers and administration," Nash said.

The tradition began in 1990 whena group of students in Burleson gathered around their flag pole to pray fortheir school.

Cox said that starting off theday in prayer and knowing other students share the same beliefs is uplifting.

"It's hard to walk theChristianity path alone, so you can see who is with you, and it's a good thingto pray for your school with people who go here and know what happened inschool," Cox said.

For students who participated, See You at thePole is something they hope to carry with them for the entire school year.

"I really feel like todayI'll go into that school, and I'll see the people I saw today and know that I'mnot alone," Stace said.

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