Buna toddler dies after father drives over her

Buna toddler dies after father drives over her

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A one-year-old girl died after she flew out of the pickup she was traveling in and was run over by her father in Jasper County Wednesday afternoon.

J-Lynn Faye Marks died at 1:24 p.m. at a Beaumont hospital.

According to the DPS report, Steven Dwitt Marks, 32, of Buna, was driving a 1998 Nissan pickup southbound on Powdrill Lane at 12:10 p.m. when he veered to a private drive and then back to the roadway. The passenger door flew open and J-Lynn came out of the truck. Marks then accidentally drove over her.

According to DPS spokeswoman Stephanie Davis, J-Lynn was sitting on her two-year-old brother's lap in the passenger seat and they were being held by a single seatbelt. Davis said they are not sure how the door came open.

Davis said if any criminal charges are filed against Marks, it will go through the Jasper County District Attorney's Office.

Child Protective Services spokeswoman Shari Pulliam said the two-year-old and another sibling are in the mother's custody, with the mother staying with relatives. For the time being, Marks is not allowed to be alone with the children nor can he drive with them in the same vehicle.

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