Burglaries continue to trouble Lufkin residents

Lufkin Police are investigating several more home break-ins. The latest were in the Englewood neighborhood and burglars got creative to get past home alarm systems. Jena Johnson has the report at 6.

Tired of mystery meat and unrecognizable offerings of his high school's lunch program, one student took on the cafeteria, and organized a boycott. We'll tell you how that turned out for the students who wanted to eat better, only at 4.

An unbelievable story for you, also at 4: a young woman in Louisiana is free after being convicted of murder when she was a teenager. Turns out, she was innocent the whole time. The amazing video is coming up for you soon.

At 4:30, a 21-year-old surfer in Florida knew just what to do in the case of a shark bite, and that's a good thing, because it actually happened to him! Our Michael Thompson will fill you in on Brandon Taylor's story of survival in just a bit.

And at 5, cleaning may not be anyone's favorite pastime, but knowing what household cleaners Consumer Reports rated at the best performers might at least help the job go a bit more smoothly. We'll tell you what they found out.

And a group of ETX high school students presented their unique projects today on a bestseller novel about how to deal with death, but with a more personal twist. Our Annette Falconer shows us the purpose of 'project based' learning and how it benefits high school students. You'll see it at 5.