WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dog owners shame pets on social media

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dog owners shame pets on social media

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Pet owners are using social media to post funny pictures of their dogs confessing their mistakes. It's called "dog shaming" and it's a viral trend that's making some people howl.

Dirty dogs are coming clean online, on sites like dog-shaming.com. While owners posting the pictures of their pups may get laughs, the dogs aren't really ashamed.

"Not one bit," said Sarah Babcock of the Richmond SPCA. "I suspect there's an awful lot of dog treats doled out trying to get them to hold the sings for the photographers."

Babcock believes the trend is cute and harmless, but also says instead of just shaming, you can also teach your dogs to correct their behavior.

"I think, 'Wow! So many of these animals could be helped if the people really knew where to go for resources and could get the help they need," she said.

The Richmond SPCA points out that it has a behavior help line and classes available, in case you want to do more than just shame your pet next time it makes a mess on the kitchen floor.

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