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Boyfriend arrested in Watertown house fire

Scott Akers Scott Akers

A woman and her two children were displaced by a fire Saturday night that police said was set by her boyfriend.

Investigators said it started as a friendly gathering with neighbors and friends, but ended with an entire house burned to the ground.

"They were all over here and they had been drinking back there having a good time, nobody fussing or nothing, and they came in, and (Scott Akers) had passed out," said neighbor Monty Martin.

Akers lived at the burned home with his girlfriend and her two children. Neighbors said everything was fine until Akers woke up about an hour later.

"He was real mad and started arguing with his girlfriend. The other guy stood up too and said, 'If you don't quit, we're all going to leave, and were going to take the girlfriend and the kids, and we're going to go to my house until you sober up.'  He told her if she left, he was going to burn the house down," said Martin.

Akers made good on that promise, according to police. After setting fire the house, he walked to a neighbor's residence, and told him to call 911 and then waited for the police and the fire department to arrive. 

"I couldn't believe he'd done it.  I've talked to him several times. He seemed real nice. He never showed no temperament.  We never heard them arguing or fussing," said Martin.

Crews battled the blaze until about midnight Sunday. They said the fire was started in the bedroom and spread quickly through the house.

"The firemen told us it probably was gas because every room was on fire, upstairs and downstairs. It looked like he went through the house pouring gas," said Martin.

Firefighters were called back to the house again around 3:30 a.m. as the flames rekindled. 

The house is a complete loss.

Akers is charged with arson, public intoxication and violation of residential restrictions.  He's being held $60,000 bond.

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