The story of a hero

Volunteer firefighters rescued a Nacogdoches County man Sunday morning after he had been hanging onto a limb for more than two hours when the car he was driving was swept down a flood creek. But his passenger did not survive. At 6, Donna McCollum brings you the story from the rescuers perspective.

Today, hospitals nationwide will be paying closer attention when it comes to discharging patients, as Medicare will no long cover re-admitted patients. How will East Texas hospitals adjust? And what does it mean for you if you feel you need to go back to the hospital? Francesca Washington explains at 6.

A stunt at a Six Flags water park has injured a teenager who cut in line and dove head first down a huge slide. Details at 4.

Also at 4, an amazing story for you: doctors were able to grow a woman a new ear using her own cartilage! Incredible advancement. We'll see her story coming up.

And at 4:30, who can resist a story about a pumpkin in October? Not us! And this one is a great pumpkin, indeed; it's the largest one on record in the world. You'll see it soon; stay with us!

We'll also tell you about an entrepreneurial Texas kid who has an unusual way to make money: he's a beekeeper, and he has a sweet deal with a local vodka company. Check him out at 4:30.