How Much More Rain Can The City Take

Story By Chris Cato

Assistant Public Utilities Director for Lufkin, Debbie Fitzgerald, said, "we're trying our best to keep the creeks cleaned out, keep the culverts cleaned. And along with that a lot of times people don't understand that you get one rain, get them cleaned out, the next one comes. You know it's just a constant job. "

It has been constant for several day's now. With the ground as saturated as it is, the city of Lufkin is having to deal with a lot of water that the ground simply cannot absorb.

Fitzgerald said, "it's got no where else to go except to run off. You know our regional detention ponds that we have are working great but in the other low lying areas there's nothing that we can do."

While having to deal with flooded streets may be a problem for your daily commute, the city of Lufkin is having to deal with some bigger issues. They may have to evacuate residents in some low-lying areas near rivers if the rain comes down hard.

"There's going to be additional flooding and there's nothing that we can do about it. When the ground is as saturated as it is, the creeks are full the ground is full so it's got to run off," said Fitzgerald.

Run off into the streets and into some homes. Fitzgerald's advice: if you are in a flood prone area, keep some sandbags by the garage just in case. And keep an eye to the sky, the city can only do so much to combat mother nature.