Lufkin man overcomes disability to lose 150 pounds

Lufkin man overcomes disability to lose 150 pounds

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Over a year ago, 31-year-old Kevin Ingle weighed 329 pounds and could barely walk.

"Something had to change, and so I started working out every day," Kevin Ingle said. "I did what I could and built up to do more."

Today, the Lufkin resident is 150 pounds lighter. Kevin Ingle has DiGeorge Syndrome, a condition which contributed to his weight gain.

"He actually has problems with his endocrine system, which makes it very difficult, and also as a baby he was diagnosed as not having the mechanisms in his brain that tell him when he's hungry or full," Charlotte Ingle, Kevin's mother, said.

To improve his health, Ingle considered having lap band surgery, but decided to try the P90X workout instead.

"I started out doing the warm-up," Ingle said. "I couldn't get past much after that."

Ingle says once he started working out, he could see his body changing. This pushed him to keep trying and improve his eating habits.

"I would go out to McDonalds and get three of four double cheeseburger, fries, and now I'm eating salads and grilled chicken and a lot of healthier foods," Ingle said.

Ingle said after losing the weight, he feels better and has a reduced amount of medication. A year and half after starting P90X, Ingle now maintains a weight of 170 pounds.

Despite his disabilities and medical issues, Kevin Ingle was able to lose the weight using the program, so someone who doesn't have those issues should be able to do it more easily, Charlotte Ingle said.

Last weekend, Ingle traveled to a beach body convention sponsored by the company that produces P90X. There, he met his online trainer and participated in group workouts.

Even though Ingle's weight loss journey is over, he says with hard work and dedication, anyone can do it.

"Start out with what you can do and build up," Kevin Ingle said. "It's a lot of progress, not perfection."

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