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Gift of Love: Cody

14 year old Cody loves to have fun! He's also very talkative and outgoing. As for school, Cody is very smart and enjoys learning!

"I love math, math is awesome," Cody said.

This 8th grader also loves to read.

"I love reading I have a whole lot of books at my house," Cody said.

Cody really likes non-fiction books.

"The Percy Jackson series, oh, wait Aragon, that's my favorite," Cody said. 

Cody would like to be adopted by a family that will love him, and allow him to further his education. He loves animals and wants to become a vet someday.  Right now he hopes to attend the University of Texas to get his degree.  Cody also likes to play video games, and draw.  Cody likes Garfield and drawing comic strips.

"I love playing video games. I love going outside and searching for stuff," Cody said.

As for his three wishes...

"I'd probably want to have super powers, that would be my first wish. for my second wish. probably to be rich and my third, I guess, my third wish would probably be to meet Jim Carey. he's my favorite actor," Cody said.

As for those super powers, he like to fly like superman and his favorite Jim Carey movie is ace Ventura.  Fitting for a future vet.

Cody needs a family who is committed, patient, structured, and experienced.  Cody says he really wants a forever family.

"Because I never really did have one, so I'd like one to love and to kinda just pay attention to me," Cody said.

And most importantly show Cody the Gift of Love.

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