Nobody wins

A Garrison man is now charged in the accidental death of a Diboll man during a traffic accident involving an 18-wheeler and a car. At 6, Francesca Washington visits with the son of the man killed in the wreck, who explains that even though this may bring a sense of closure, the wounds of losing his father are permanent.

Donna McCollum had a great time in Nacogdoches today, watching the clients of state-supported living centers around the state come together to make beautiful music. At 6, Donna McCollum tells you how the competition stage gives everyone the confidence in themselves.

You may have heard: the first presidential debate is tonight. We've got a couple reasons you may want to go to First, if you're not near a TV, you can see it on our livestream. Second, you may want to weight in on your thoughts as you watch. That will all be available for you here.

At 4, see how an anchor took care of a bully who criticized her for her weight by calling him out live on the air!

Also, while most 11-year-old girls are thinking of clothes, makeup, etc., we find one who likes taking down 300-pound bears!

At 4:30, see how one lady takes matters into her own hands after learning her house was burglarized.

And at 5, we stick with the 11-year-old theme. This time it's an East Texas girl who is refusing her birthday presents and asking her friends and relatives to give to a good cause. Annette Falconer will bring you that full report.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor