The good and bad from this past weekend's rainfall

The lakes from around East Texas saw a significant rise in their water level this past week.
The lakes from around East Texas saw a significant rise in their water level this past week.

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The heavy rain we experienced this past weekend came with both the good and the bad.

On the positive side, many areas picked up anywhere from four to ten inches of rain.  Considering we had been relatively dry for the month of September, we ended it by receiving plenty of liquid gold, courtesy of Mother Nature.

The rainfall we received flipped us from a slight deficit to a considerable surplus in just the span of two days.  For the year now, we have a surplus in the rain department of 2.76 inches.  Just a week ago, we had a deficit of over an inch.

The other huge positive the rain did was put water back in our lakes.  According to the City of Nacogdoches, an estimated 1.84 billion (with a "B") gallons of water fell on Lake Nacogdoches.  That 1.84 billion gallons of water rose the lake level by nearly two feet, which is a dramatic rise in just a short period of time.  It was Nacogdoches county that received the heaviest rainfall, with some areas receiving nearly a foot in spots.  The other big lakes saw about a foot to a foot and a half rise in their water levels, which now takes their deficit to two and three feet below pool stage.

The Not So Good

As a result of the heavy rain, we saw flooding take place in and around Nacogdoches county on Saturday night.  It was in these areas where we saw ten inches quite common.  Tragically, a woman lost her life near Chireno early Sunday morning after she was trapped in high water.

While the lakes filled up, so did the rivers and creeks.  We still have a couple of River Flood Warnings in effect for the Angelina River and the Attoyac Bayou near Chireno.  Both of these bodies of water are slightly above flood stage, which means lowland flooding may still be possible for the next couple of days.

Both the Angelina River and Attoyac Bayou are expected to see the water level drop below flood stage by tomorrow.  You can get the latest updates on our river flooding by clicking on the crawl that runs across our website.  That will give you the information relevant to where you live.

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