Corrigan tent revival tries to eliminate hate, unite residents

Pastor Lesley Wilkinson, Union Springs Baptist Church
Pastor Lesley Wilkinson, Union Springs Baptist Church

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - The town of Corrigan has seen its share of racism and corruption allegations amongst city leaders but now the community is trying to dim that negative light.

Several church leaders and pastors came together to host an old-fashion tent revival, in hopes of bringing Corrigan back to God.

"Jesus Christ left us three things hope, faith and love, with love being the greatest," said Lesley Wilkinson, Pastor of Union Springs Baptist Church, and an organizer of the event. "The only way our town will come together is through the Lord Jesus Christ," he adds.

In an effort to eliminate hate and negativity in their town, all this week, you could see a huge white tent set up on the side of U.S. Highway 59 in Corrigan, so people in and near the community could unite in pray and worship.

"You can have people come together at football games and baseball games, but until they see leaders, and when I say leaders, I mean through Jesus Christ, come together, then that will form everything else back together."

It wasn't just residents of Corrigan in attendance. Jamie Brooks, a musician for a Corrigan church explained, "People have come as far as Humble, Houston, Diboll, Lufkin, so we're here in East Texas, so I'll call it an East Texas community revival."

Hundreds have attended the revival that started Monday. Even Steven Gardner, a member of Lufkin's Dream Center, showed up. He said he was hoping to leave the revival with more than what he came with. "(I want) some more understanding, we are all pretty hungry for knowledge. I want to do the Lord's work and I want to understand my boss a little better," Gardner said.

Organizers say they know they can't change what has happened in the past in Corrigan, they just pray their efforts right now will have a lasting impact on the future of their town.

"I hope and pray that we'll accomplish, the town being a tighter knit town, that we can all come together, no matter where we're from, no matter what race we are, and we can embrace one another." said Wilkinson.

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