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The Insta Bulb proves to be a bright buy

The Insta Bulb The Insta Bulb

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It claims to be the wireless light bulb that can be installed anywhere, even without an electrician! The 'Insta Bulb' sounds like a good buy, but is it really? This week I 'Try It Before You Buy It!'

The 'Insta Bulb' runs on four AA batteries, so the big question to me was, is this bulb going to put out enough light to be useful in the event the lights really go out? That was the first test I tried on the product. Surprisingly, it did put out a good amount of light to brighten a dark room.

My next test was to see if the 'Insta Bulb' was safe for children like the infomercial claims. After leaving the light on for several minutes I touched the bulb. I was expecting to feel a hot sting, but instead, it was almost cool to the touch. The product passed the second test! But the next step was my favorite. Any product that claims to be indestructible, or in this case, shatter proof, has my attention!

In the TV commercial, pitch man Anthony Sullivan is shown dropping the 'Insta Bulb' light on the floor. When the bulb hits, it just bounces. No breakage of the bulb or battery compartment whatsoever. The test in 'real life' wasn't as indestructible! I dropped the 'Insta Bulb' on the concrete floor and wow! The bulb does stay intact, but the door to the battery compartment flies off shooting AA batteries within a three foot radius. On the other hand, it does all go back together and the bulb still works. Not bad.

In the end, I didn't find the 'Insta Bulb' to be a bad product at all. During a power outage or being used to light a dark closet, the 'Insta Bulb' works well. We purchased our test product for $11.99 at a local Walgreens store, and I think it's a good buy.

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