Harley Davidson's granddaughter speaks with Cushing students about Yell and Tell

Harley Davidson's granddaughter speaks with Cushing students about Yell and Tell

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - Jean Davidson is always introduced as the granddaughter of the founder of the Harley Davidson empire. It grabs listeners' attention. It's just what Jean Davidson wants before delivering a message she considers many times more meaningful.

The Cushing school children shouting "help" could have matched the decibel level of the powerful Harley Davidson motorcycles Jean Davidson has known all her life. The former classroom teacher loves enthusiasm, but not as much as the grandson she misses very, very much.

During her presentation, the author and founder of Yell and Tell told students that her grandson's death could have been prevented if someone had yelled for help.

"My grandson died in 2006 in a water accident that could have been prevented if the older boy would have reacted by yelling help," Jean Davidson said.

Since then, Jean Davidson has directed her grief toward writing and teaching the Yell and Tell program. She said young children are often afraid they're going to get in trouble.

"The little children are only afraid their mom or dad are going to yell at them for being somewhere they weren't supposed to be," Jean Davidson said.

While teaching the simple five-step program, Jean Davidson discovers Yell and Tell heroes. Thursday, it was Leo in Cushing.

"My sister fell off the porch," Leo Licona said.

Leo yelled to a neighbor for help. That neighbor also happened to be his principal. Melanie Pettit, the principal of Cushing Elementary said she was impressed by Leo's presence of mind.

"I'm really amazed at his presence of mind because I know he was scared and he was worried, but he knew he needed to get help," Pettit said.

However, Jean Davidson said that most youngsters benefit from examples of times to call for help.

"My friend just fell in the water," Jean Davidson said as she gave the students examples of what she was talking about. "My friend just started a fire."

The mission requires focus, something that Jean Davidson agreed that she may have inherited from her grandfather.

"I would have liked to just sat there and cried the rest of my life, but I also knew I needed to do something with it to help other children," Jean Davidson said.

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