Spanking turned to abuse?

At 6, we have the story of an Angelina County man who is accused of injury to a child after a spanking allegedly left welts and bruises on his 4-year-old stepson.

A stroke, an anuryesm, a brain injury or even persistent headaches. They're all neurological disorders which often times can be treated thanks to advances in neuroscience. At 6, Donna McCollum reports a conference goal is to get information to local health care providers.

Is it a misunderstanding, or did a school administrator go too far? The issue is a student found a unique way of showing support for his mother battling breast cancer. But now he can't try out for the school basketball team. We'll have more for you on this story at 4.

And at 4:30, see what happens to one man who went to job to find an eight-foot alligator waiting on him!

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor