Weather Woes Cause Business Busts

By Ramonica R. Jones

Business is usually booming at Walker's Rustic Acres Nursery, but with all the recent rain, the landscaping business could use a boost.

Owner Billie Walker says, "On good days, in the springtime, we get as many as 50 or 60 customers, but this time of year and everything, with the rain, we get maybe one a day, sometimes not even that many."

Construction workers also have a little extra time on their hands. With the ground saturated with rainwater and few job opportunities in wet weather, some contractors are lucky to find other jobs to make ends meet.

"We are better off than some other contractors that work outside," Hemphill Construction Area Supervisor, Willie Burke, says. "Bad weather does cause problems for electricity; we are able to survive by working for the light company on those projects. It helps us out; we do have a leg up on other people."

Burke says he can't make up for the hundreds of dollars he lost because of last week's rain, but with so much work to make up, there should be plenty of overtime for his employees.

"Depending on the weather, it may take three, maybe four weeks to get back up to date where we're runnin' behind," Burke says.