Sports Day Out provides recreational activities for disabled East Texans

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - This weekend families and friendsgathered at the SFA Ag- pond for a day of recreational activities.

The 12th Annual Sports Day Out event isdesigned specifically to give those with disabilities a chance to get out andplay.

"The activities are really set upfor people who are disabled or they don't get a chance to participate very wellin those things," said Alan Larson, Chair Nacogdoches Mayor Committee onPeople with disabilities.

Event officials say that it'simportant to keep those with disabilities active without anything holding themback. From young children to college students and senior citizens, there was somethingfor everyone.

"Could be somebody in a wheelchair, could be visually impaired, hearing impaired," said ToddPetershagen, Event Coordinator.

Participants spent the day fishing,and playing yard and board games.

Committee Chair Alan Larson saystailoring activities for the disabled wouldn't be possible without communityinvolvement.

"We can put people withdisabilities at the center of the event but also include people withoutdisabilities and mix those two groups together," said Larson.

Along with socializing and getting some freshair, community resources were on hand for those in need, to help improve otheraspects of their lives.

"I think it just brings peoplewith disabilities together and just be friendly with one another and make newfriends, we also have community resources here to share with them to maybe havea better quality of life," said Petershagen.

And letting those with disabilities know theyare not alone is the greatest gift, they can give them.

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