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Arizona job outlook mixed


There's good news and bad news for Arizona's job market, according to state economists.

State officials are reporting that Arizona has seen a slow and steady increase in the number of jobs created over the past few months, and that should last for the next several years.

The only problem is, they are mostly service and retail jobs that don't pay a lot of money.

According to state economists, Arizona is creating new jobs at a rate 2 percent higher than the national average.

However, the latest outlook indicates that most of the jobs being created are retail and service industry jobs that don't require a college degree. They also pay a lot less money.

The average retail job pays an average of $10.12 an hour compared to the state's median wage of $15.89 an hour.

Mia Sorensen is working at one of those lower paying jobs, but with her college education, she's more qualified to be doing something else.

"I feel like I'm going on the right path to getting a high paying job and yet I'm still struggling to find a job where I can really climb up the ranks," said Sorensen. "It would be nice to have a career where I can be established, have a salary, get a home and live the dream, but right now it is not an option."

Economists predict that over the next few years more and more college graduates will leave the state for better paying jobs that aren't available in Arizona

Sorensen said she is still hopefully she won't have to go anywhere.

"It's frustrating because I feel like I've gone on the path everyone says to go on if you want a career," said Sorensen.

Arizona does have a number of big industries that offer higher quality, higher paying jobs.

However, the state doesn't have enough of those jobs to offset the lower wage positions, economists said.

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