Nacogdoches Co. joins weight-loss contest

Nacogdoches Co. joins weight-loss contest

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Lighten Up East Texas has a regional goal to make eleven northeast counties healthier by losing weight.

"You can have a group of people, your church, your work site, your family can be a Lighten Up team and they work to just lose the most weight," explained Kinnie Douglas with Healthy Nacogdoches.

Excuses not to participate may have already entered your mind. Kinesiology professor Dr. Mark Faries knows them all.

"How do we go work out when we don't feel like we want to or how we pass on those foods when we really want it? How do we make this happen with busy schedules?," listed Faires.   "Most people would say we don't have time to get things done and so how do the people who don't have time, actually do it and don't use that as a barrier."

The SFA professor's field of study is individual behavior and how it relates to weight loss. The Healthy Nacogdoches coalition member will provide answers throughout the campaign.

Overall, the regional challenge will help too. Lighten Up East Texas helps you cross those barriers by keeping you motivated and on track toward a community goal.

"We have a goal of getting a thousand people signed up and our goal is we lose 5,000 pounds for our county," said Douglas.

Participants can sign up now at . After the November 3rd official weigh in at the CASA 5k run, Healthy Nacogdoches will provide weight loss tips and an online weight loss tracker.

"The records that will be kept online for you to see progress of the program, someone would be assigned a number rather than a name, and likewise, instead of the number of pounds lost it will be percentages so it is very private," said Ray Mitchum, a weigh in sponsor with M&S pharmacy.

Local  businesses host official weigh in stations. The final weigh ins are in mid April and early May. That's plenty of time to show 10 other counties Nacogdoches has what it takes to shed pounds and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Prizes will provide incentives. The Northeast Public Health District is allowing Nacogdoches to be eligible for grand prizes.

Right now, 'Lighten Up East Texas' is promoting sign ups. Businesses and groups are encouraged to form teams. In addition, prize sponsors and hosts for weigh in locations are needed. Also, it's asking for recommendations of community leaders willing to showcase their weight loss successes.

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