Retired Army officer gives motivational speech to Corrigan-Camden students

Retired Army officer gives motivational speech to Corrigan-Camden students

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - A retired soldier who was wounded in Iraq in 2007 came to East Texas to present a motivational speech to Corrigan-Camden High School students. He was more than pleased by the teen's patriotism Thursday afternoon.

"They gave us a very warm welcome and standing ovation, and I certainly don't expect that or feel I deserve anything like that, so it shows me patriotism." Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col Kurt Kosmatka said. "I thank all of our veterans for that especially those who passed away, whether it's overseas or whether at home because of the wars."

The chapter president for Wounded Warriors is grateful for the students and faculty at Corrigan-Camden High School.

"Well, for what they've done here in Corrigan, it's unbelievable; the fact that a small town high school bunch of kids have gotten together to raise money for the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is just very special," Dick Goetz, a chapter president for Wounded Warriors, said.

In turn, the Corrigan-Camden students said they were honored to be able to help injured and disabled veterans.

"It makes me feel like I'm doing something that can change the world cause they're out there changing the world for us allowing us to have freedom, so I feel like we're giving back to them," London Wallace, a student at Corrigan-Camden High School, said.

The school's students and faculty members would love your help with the Wounded Warriors project.

"Our young men and women that go fight in wars that made so many sacrifices for us and have come back injured and we just want to say thank you and to show our appreciation in this small, small way." Neil Olsen, a U.S. and military history teacher at Corrigan-Camden High School, said.

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