Sheriff's Department Employee Investigated

A long standing public servant in the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department who is under investigation for possible forgery of accounts belonging to a major law enforcement organization.

This week Angie King, administrative assistant for Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss was placed on paid administrative leave. According to Sheriff Kerss King is being investigated after irregularities were found in the bank account for the East Texas Police Officers Association, an organization of more than 600 members. Since 2000 King has been that organization's Secretary Treasurer responsible for all expenditures from dues to convention registration.

This week during its annual meeting in Nacogdoches Kerss had the difficult job of notifying the board of the allegations. "There's a criminal investigation I've turned over to the Texas Rangers to examine so there's and independent agency looking at that because of the close affiliation to this office she had. And then my office is conducting an investigation dealing with potential violation of employee policy," said Kerss.

This is also a story of trust, both personal and public. King, a reserve officer has worked with Kerss since 1994 organizing police memorials to his wedding. "Just the allegation itself, just the potential fact that we're having one of our own is very shocking and disturbing thing. We're all hurt by it," said Kerss who spoke to his staff Wednesday afternoon. Some employees are relatives of King and very close friends.

Nevertheless, Kerss says he won't pass judgment until a lot of questions are answered. "I also have the public trust to think about.," he said.

Kerss anticipates the investigation will take at least a month to complete.

The East Texas News left phone messages on King's personal phone. They have not been returned at this time. Kerss says King has obtained legal representation.