Rain Creates Havoc

All this rain can make driving risky business. On the corner of Old Union Road and Post Oak Road Wednesday evening, a 2-door Datsun came around the corner a little too quickly. Wet roads and speed just never seem to be a good combination.

Stephen Abbott of the Lufkin Police Department said, "the main thing is just slow down, that's the main reason for most of our accidents is people driving too quickly for the conditions."

That accident sent two people to the hospital. 18-year-old Angela Wilson of Lufkin had a big cut on her forehead, and 20-year-old Julie Lewis of Pollok had some minor injuries. There were also two small children in the backseat, but thankfully they were secured in their carseats and not injured.

Rainy weather oftentimes makes it hard to slow down suddenly, and it sometimes makes it hard to see what lies ahead.

Abbott said, "it wouldn't hurt to turn your headlights on to make yourself more visible."

The roadways weren't the only place the rain seemed to cause problems. Mark and Paul Squires were at home, waiting for their parents to get off of work, when a massive tree fell into their house. It seems that the ground was so softened by the last week of rain, that it could no longer support the tree's weight. Even worse, the Squires had just had their house renovated.

Local rivers are reaching flood stage, and some have even risen slightly out of their banks. But the residents who live near them tell us, they're not worried. They say they've seen much worse.