Organizers hope SFA's homecoming events will appeal to 'Jacks of all ages

Organizers hope SFA's homecoming events will appeal to 'Jacks of all ages

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - In addition to the activities Lumberjacks look forward to each year, there will be some new ones added. It's a marketing strategy designed to bring in scholarship dollars.

This week's Lumberjack Booster's Luncheon has a bit of added excitement. It's homecoming week. Boosters will learn events are designed for three specific target groups.

"We've got events designed for not only the recent alumni, but we've also got events scheduled for families and we've also got our legacy folks," Kent Hutchison, the Stephen F. Austin State Homecoming chairman, said.

Recent alums will have their share of Happy Hours and reunions at local clubs.

"We've got concerts at The Barn," Hutchison said. "We've got reunions at the Sports Shack. We've got reunions going on at the hotel."

As for families, there are more events that ever before.

"We've got Frisbee golf. We've got a 5K sanctioned run on Saturday morning," Hutchison said. "We've got a flapjack breakfast. For the kids, Meet With the Lumberjack. We've got the parade. We've got alumni coffees. Of course, we've got all the tail gate celebrations. This year we're going to have a Duck Pluck which is a little kids activity at the Duck Dash."

The SFA Auction is moving with the times by going online.

"It reaches more people and we have over a hundred items," Samantha Mora, the director of SFA alumni events, said.

It's paying off, especially for an exclusive SFA Bobblehead.

Mora said the SFA Bobblehead is going "for about $1500 right now, so we've had about 54 bids go on him. It just keeps climbing. We still have one week left."

Because the money goes to SFA scholarships, the expense is justified.

"We're taking steps to involve and engage more people, so maybe people can't give us as much as they've given us in the past, but we're getting more people giving," Jeff Davis, the executive director for the SFA Alumni Association, said.

SFA Homecoming officially gets underway Friday, but you'll want to check out the schedule now. Visit

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