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Protester stands on TransCanada truck, gets arrested


Another Keystone XLPipeline protester was arrested Monday. This time, the protester reportedly climbed on top of a TransCanada construction truck, and tried to place a banner on it.

The protesters received  training here in East Texas regarding different tactics to use to protest, and Monday was the first day they were able to hone their new skills.

After a Keystone XL Pipeline protester climbed up on top of a TransCanada truck, Wood County officials were forced to arrest him.

The protester refused to walk off the easement, so the authorities had to carry him to their car.
"Seeing somebody you care about get arrested is clearly disheartening, but also knowing that people are willing to break the law that they see as unjust is encouraging," said protester Andrew Cart. 

It's the fourth consecutive week protesters are trying to stop the pipeline construction. Ron Seifert says he feels TransCanada reps weren't honest with local home owners in the area where the pipeline is being built.

"They lied to everyone and said this was a conventional crude oil pipeline, never mentioning the words, 'tar sands.' They never mentioned it would be a synthetic slurry, not a crude oil coming through.

TransCanada spokesperson David Dodson says the homeowners signed the easement agreement, and were even compensated.

Dodson also says, "The construction of the Gulf Coast project is on schedule. It's a 485 mile route, $2.3billion project. We have secured the legal right to proceed, including on the property where the protestors are located."

Protesters say they plan to continue their movement, to raise awareness, and hopefully to end the construction.

KLTV stopped by the Wood County Sheriff's Department to learn more about the protester who was arrested. No one was available to give us the information at that time.

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