Lufkin man's soaked million-dollar car case may be settled

Lufkin man's soaked million-dollar car case may be settled

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Editor's note: The video above contains graphic language.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A lawsuit involving a Lufkin man who drove his million-dollar car into a Galveston lagoon may have been settled, according to federal court documents.

A document filed in the federal court database shows one of Andy House's attorney's, Tod Phillips, request a transcript of the "settlement on record" in the case.

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging that House made a wrongful claim in the October 2009 damage of his 2006 Bugatti Veyron, estimated at a value of $2.2 million.

The document was available on the database Tuesday morning but unavailable a few minutes later.

[See a copy of the document filed in federal court.]

One attorney in the case reached by telephone said he could not comment on the case until all the paperwork was finalized. Other attorneys were not immediately available for comment.

House drove the vehicle into the lagoon on Oct. 1, 2009, saying he had dropped his cellphone and when he picked it up, he was distracted by a pelican and drove it into a three-foot deep lagoon.

A nearby motorist caught the accident and captured it on video, which was then posted to YouTube.

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