'Mr. Rodeo' recuperating in wake of major heart surgery

'Mr. Rodeo' recuperating in wake of major heart surgery

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Following a triple bypass heart surgery, Mike Mathis, or "Mr. Rodeo," is recuperating at Woodland Heights Medical Center.

"He's doing good," Mathis's son, Kirk Mathis, said Tuesday. "He's still in the hospital, but he's recovering well. He's been up and around and talking, and the doctors have taken him off the ventilator."

According to the rodeo announcer's son, Mike Mathis and his family have received many phone calls from friends and fans offering encouragement and support. Other people have dropped by to see him at the hospital.

Kirk Mathis said that doctors haven't given a specific time that they plan to release his father from the hospital. Although there is never a good time for this sort of thing, Kirk Mathis said that the timing of the surgery worked out as well as could be expected under the circumstances. Because Mike Mathis is typically off during the month of November, he'll have about a month where he can recuperate at home before returning to his career as a rodeo announcer.

Mike Mathis underwent the major heart surgery on Oct. 8. According to Lufkin Lion's Club President Keven Ellis, the rodeo announcer went to the doctor for check-up and was sent to the hospital for the triple bypass operation.

Each year, Mike Mathis coordinates and announces the Angelina County Benefit Rodeo, which is hosted by the Lions Club. He also travels to rodeos around the nation as an announcer every year.

"Rodeo is my life," Mathis said in an April interview. "I'm lucky enough to travel and announce in about 40 plus rodeos a year across the country. [The Lufkin rodeo] helped get me the start in the mark in professional rodeo to get to do what I do today."

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