East Texans celebrate National Boss's Day

East Texans celebrate National Boss's Day

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - October 16 is National Boss's Day, which is a day to show gratitude and connect bosses with their employees. Some East Texans made it their goal to put a smile on their boss's face today. Employees at the Hackney Primary School felt they should go the extra mile to celebrate Boss's Day.

"We wanted to appreciate her all day and we achieved the accomplishment that we set out to achieve; and that was to touch her heart,"

Katie Houston, Hackey Primary employee, said.

"We didn't want to just buy her a lot of stuff we wanted to show her love so we made her a lot of gifts from the heart."

The principal at Hackney Elementary found it hard to believe her staff would put so much thought into Boss's Day since seeing that she has been the administrator at the school for only two years. Each staff member wore a "Proutt" shirt in honor of their boss and decorated several signs throughout the school.

"I'm overjoyed, I'm really excited. It says a lot. It says a lot with the ladies here."

Kelly Ford-Proutt, Hackney School Principal, said.

"I appreciate them so much, and I would like to think that I'm providing them the service that I should as an administrator for them to take out their time and do this for me."

the staff at Hackney Elementary cares for more than 250 3-year-old students. They feel their job couldn't be completed without a wonderful boss.

"To me Ms. Proutt is more than just a principal. I enjoy working with her tremendously. She's always there for us so I really enjoy working with her," Barbara Holden, Hackney Primary employee, said.

Many don't know Boss's Day is an annual celebration every October 16. East Texans feel bosses should have a day dedicated to them at least one day a year.

"We need to recognize our bosses especially if you have a good one. You know to let them know that we appreciate them and all the work that they do," Crystal Goleman, a participant of Boss's Day, said.

The concept of Boss's Day began back in 1958 in Illinois. Teachers at Hackney Primary have been celebrating this day for years and plan to make each year more special for their boss.

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