Woman reports duo kidnapped her on 3-hour ride to Nacogdoches

Woman reports duo kidnapped her on 3-hour ride to Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Two East Texans are in jail this evening, accused of stealing a van in Dallas, kidnapping the driver and then driving to Nacogdoches.

And police say one of the suspects was just let out of a Dallas jail before the crime was committed.

Police say they don't know why the 2 suspects choose this car or why they decided to take the woman with them but it appears to be a random crime.

29-year-old Tommy Simmons got a bus ticket to Nacogdoches on his way out of a Dallas prison but apparently decided to take a different way home.

Nacogdoches police say Simmons met 18-year-old Michelle Tortora of Dallas at a train station and the two stole a van from a Macy's parking lot in Dallas with 42-year-old woman inside.

Lt. Tim Goerner says, "While she was there she was approached by Simmons and Tortora and they forced her in the back of the van and drove off."

The victim told police at one point the suspects stopped on a deserted road and told the woman to get out of the van, but she refused.

Lt. Goerner said, "The intent was to commit a robbery. It's believed they were going to head to the Houston area but for whatever reason stopped in Nacogdoches at a gas station where she was released"

Lt. Goerner says it's not every day that someone gets out of jail and commits another crime the same day. "We don't see this very often. Usually when people get released from prison we hope that they don't get back in trouble. It's very unusual for someone to get released and turn around and commit an aggravated robbery the same day."

Authorities say Dallas police were not aware of the kidnapping until the suspects were arrested in Nacogdoches because Simmons and Tortora had the woman call the owner of the van and say that she would be back in an hour.
The victim is now back home in Dallas.

Both suspects are charged with felony aggravated kidnapping and unlawful used of a vehicle.
Simmons and Tortora are being held in Nacogdoches County Jail until they can be transferred to Dallas

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