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Determined, this job seeker hits the streets

The economy has taken a toll on everyone, but one woman in Las Vegas has decided enough is enough.

She has taken an unusual approach to landing a new gig.

When Alexandra Goot lost her executive assistant job, she took action.

The UNLV Bachelor of Arts alumnus created poster boards and printed her resume.

Instead of moping around in sweats, she got right back in her suit  and took to the streets of Vegas.

"I decided to take matters into my own hands, and come out and try to gain as much attention creatively as possible to stand out from the crowd," Goot explained.

And she certainly is, catching the attention of motorists at busy intersections.

She gets positive feedback in the form of honks and friendly gestures.

And every so often, a job prospect literally rolls by.

Goot also puts herself out there outside businesses like Starbucks.

Some are happy to pick up her resume as well as a coffee or muffin.
Including John Lombardo, who says she's showing important qualities  like motivation and initiative.

"You know, there's obviously a challenge here with people who haven't worked. And you can sit around and blame other people and be upset about it, or you can get out and do something about it, and she's out doing something about it and I think that's impressive," Lombardo says.
Goot hopes all these quick interactions will lead to a full-time career, and is confident soon she'll be off the streets and back in an office on the road to success.

Goot is also trying traditional methods of landing her next job.

She's been applying online and filling out applications.

She also attended a job fair and made sure to bring her poster boards with her.

Each night Goot says she follows up with the numbers she received during the day.

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