Hudson ISD students meet in back of pickup every morning for prayer

Hudson ISD students meet in back of pickup every morning for prayer

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A group of students at Hudson ISD are doing something they hope will manifest at other schools.

Several Hudson High School and Middle School students gather every morning in the school parking lot to conduct Bible study.

Many would think a group of high school students gathered in the bed of a pickup in the school parking lot before the morning tardy bell rings is up to no good, but for this group at Hudson ISD, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Every morning at 7:30, about a dozen students get together to fellowship with one another for prayer in a pickup truck.

"It just makes me feel great you know I can just tell that God is in this place, you know, and he's always in our presence," Dylan Wise, a Hudson High School student, said.

The decision to have the group of students huddle tightly in the back of Peyton Ferguson's truck is something he says came from the Lord.

"Well, I was praying about it, and God spoke to me," Ferguson said. "He told me that he wanted me to do something like this, and I finally did it, and it's went very well."

Hudson ISD superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker said that she is proud of the example that the students are setting for their generation and the future.

"I'm most proud of the fact that this is not for show - that this is the way they live, and they are tremendous role models for the other students and they represent a great community," Whiteker said.

The group is hoping their parking lot pick up prayer will start a chain reaction.

"I hope with what these kids are doing, that it will reach many other students across not just Texas but the United States and the world," Darlyne Wise, Dylan's aunt and a proud parent of another of the participants in the daily Bible study, said.

If they continue with their faith, they know they can start a movement.

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