Lufkin fourth graders' engineering project gets sent to New Hampshire

Lufkin fourth graders' engineering project gets sent to New Hampshire

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Handicapped dogs in East Texas may have a redesigned product to be grateful for thanks to fourth grade science students.  Teresa Roe, the science teacher at Brandon Elementary, has come up with a way for her students to re-make a drag bag for handicapped dogs.

Friday morning, fourth graders stared in awe at a projector as they skyped with the president and founder of in New Hampshire.

Teresa Roe explained, "We're skyping with him because my students did a project in our science lab where we redesigned a drag-bag for a handicapped dog."

"A drag bag is something you can put on your dog, and they can move around in the yard without hurting themselves but it's a little hot for East Texas."

65 fourth graders spent a lab day to draw redesigned "cooler" drag-bags in hopes that soon East Texans can use this product for their dogs.

Jackson Warden, a fourth grader apart of the redesigning, said, "It feels good that we've helped him with the ideas to help people's dogs."

Drawings of the redesigned drag-bags were sent to Mark Robinson, President and Founder of Robinson makes and sells drag-bags. He is thrilled with the students' redesigned ideas for a not-so-hot drag-bag for dogs in East Texas.

Brandon Elementary School houses the magnet program in Lufkin for engineering and has teamed up with Purdue University for engineering training and assistance. Nikki boots is finishing her Doctorate at Purdue and will be helping teachers integrate engineering further in their classrooms.

"Lufkin has an elementary engineering component that is really, really great. And from all the other schools I observed, I wanted to study why it was doing so well in Lufkin, so hopefully we can replicate that across the nation," Boots said.

The purpose of engineering at Brandon Elementary is to help kids demonstrate the purpose of what they're learning.

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