Lufkin Heritage Festival educates community on various cultures

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Saturday Lufkin residents were surrounded byvarious cultures and traditions at the city's 8th Annual Heritage Festival.

"There is always going to besomething to learn," said Barbara Thompson, Main Street Director.

The Lufkin Civic Center was filled withvendors representing various cultures. Each booth had foods, clothes and artfrom various backgrounds, giving festival goers a small taste of a cultureoutside of their own.

"We learn so many differentthings about each other," said Thompson.

Mina Patel participated in the event,she was a part of storytelling for young children, the twist ,the story was readin four different languages.

Patel says the festival gives many a newperspective on a culture they may not have known much about.

"There are so many different languagesand people here and this festival is to meet new people," said Patel.

The festival also featured differentstyles of dance including tap, zumba, African and Indian.

Patel says the festival is a fun way to trythings out of the ordinary and an easy way to meet people   whilelearning about they're background.

"I've made a bunch of new friendsand they also ask how we came here and what are you doing here and this isreally from another world to their world," said Patel.

Officials say the heritage festival mirrorsthe identity of our nation and offers a closer look into history.

"We are a great melting pot inthe United States so even in our community we are a great melting pot andeveryone just loves to come find out about each other," said Thompson.

A tradition officials hope continues forgenerations.

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