Martinsville cattle rancher hosts tour for 12 Argentinean agriculturalists

Martinsville cattle rancher hosts tour for 12 Argentinean agriculturalists

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Sunday 12 agriculturists from Argentina got an authentic look at a Texas cattle ranch.

"Texas is very important in livestock and agriculture production," said Mauricio Cano, Agriculture Specialist.

The group of soy bean producers and cattle ranchers spent the afternoon on a ranch in Martinsville.

Rancher Albert Thompson hopes that after touring his 600 acres of land the group will leave with a better understanding of East Texas cattle operations.

"Just to show them some of the problems we have here in raising our cattle and what's involved and what it takes to produce animals here in relation to what they have over there," said Thompson.

The agriculturists started their tour in Arkansas learning about soy bean production.

In Texas, they hope to learn about producing soy beans and cattle in a different climate.

"In Argentina it's very important to try to develop new ways to produce," said Cano.

Many of the agriculturists have 1,000 to 20,000 acres of land in Argentina they hope to take what they learn here to improve on how they manage cattle on their own property.

"The quality of cattle, the way that Texas manages the cattle is the direction they want to go," said Cano.

The group will stay the night in Nacogdoches and then head to Houston where they will finish their tour. They are already making plans to return to Nacogdoches in August.

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