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600 lb Black Marlin jumps into fishing boat

Photo Source: Wikipedia Photo Source: Wikipedia

(ABC) - A group of mates experienced the ultimate case of "the one that got away" when a 300kg black marlin jumped on board their charter boat, then shook itself free.

The seven friends were on a six-day catch-and-release fishing trip off Cooktown when they latched on to the big marlin last week

Little Audrey skipper Daniel Carlson said the crew was lucky to walk away unharmed when the marlin's spear-like snout came straight at them.

"We were out there heavy tackle fishing up the Reef when this 600-pound marlin latched on and was fighting for about five minutes and started backing down," he said.

"But then it's done the big U-bolt, spun around and jumped into the boat and just missed a few people.

Mr Carlson runs a charter company from Sydney and visits Cooktown each year for marlin season, which runs from September to December.

He said while it wasn't the biggest marlin he had come across, it was certainly the most memorable catch.

We were just lucky we got away. We were all pretty scared and glad that no one got injured and the fish wasn't injured."

An on board video, which catches the action from several angles, has become a viral hit, notching up more than 1.7m views in a few days.

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