Here's your sign

A Nacogdoches family decided to get back at vandals who stole their political sign by holding a sign party and plastering even more signs all over their 100-foot fence. All to show the vandal that they wouldn't take it lying down. But the vandals brought more destruction and shred those signs apart. So now the family is planning another party and this time it's crossing party lines. Donna McCollum has the story at 6.

Local police departments are getting on the social media bandwagon and using sites like Facebook to post mug shots and let the public know what they're up to. At 5, Leigha Hughes shows us how they're using Facebook to their advantage.

Candidates for sheriff and district attorney are winding down perhaps the longest campaign effort in Shelby County's history. Donna McCollum breaks down what these races are about in her report at 10.

For most of us, voting is a simple process. Just go to the local office and fill out a form. But as one Nacogdoches woman explains, the process took on many more steps when she tried to cast her ballot from 2,500 miles away. Caleb Beames has that report at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor