Nacogdoches woman determined to vote from Costa Rica

Nacogdoches woman determined to vote from Costa Rica

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Whereas, some voters take the voting process for granted, Leigh Ann Smith does not.

Smith is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica… 49 hours south of her hometown of Nacogdoches. The only way she is able to vote is by mailing in an absentee ballot.

"After I printed off my ballot I asked the man who was working there, where the nearest post office was… and he said there was no longer a post office in Rio Claro, said smith.

It was not the answer smith wanted after she took a 45 minute bus ride to Rio Claro…the closest large city to her home. Still determined, a few days later smith took a two hour trip to Buenos Aires… the result:

"I get to the post office there and it was closed, because that was a holiday in Costa Rica"

Two trips to two different towns with the same result, but smith, who believes in her right to vote, would not give up. Smith hoped her third try would bring the results she was hoping for.

"Today I just mailed in my ballot. I had to go, I had to take the bus up to a different community about 45 minutes away where I was able to mail it in and so I mailed it in today, and it's official I voted, said smith.

Through all of this, Leigh Ann has one word of advice for people who have trouble finding time to vote.

"I think that if I can spend two hours on a bus trying to vote, then everyone else can to, said smith.

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