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Freedom Fighters: Jesse Lindsey

By Joan Hallmark

27 air medals means that Jerry Lindsey was in the air a lot during his two tours of duty in Vietnam with the 189th assault helicopter company.

Flying out of the Central Highlands and Playkoo, Lindsey piloted hueys and huey gun ships on top secret missions, often crossing the borders into Cambodia and Laos. The challenges of those flights were almost overwhelming.

Lindsey says the only good thing about that thick green canopy was that it gave the enemy only a limited sight line to fire at the choppers.

Most of Lindsey's flights were along the Ho Chee Min Trailm where North Vietnamese troops and supplies moved.

Craters left by b-53 bombers served as drop off points for American troops.

However, dropping troops off usually proved a lot easier than picking them up.

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