Police investigating robbery linked to Craig's List add

Police investigating robbery linked to Craig's List add

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Police are asking residents to use caution when buying items online, after 2 men reported they were robbed in connection to a Craig's List add.

Trinity Police are investigating an alleged Craig's List robbery after 2 @Willis men reported being robbed in Trinity while trying to buy stereo equipment off 3 black males from Crockett.

Sergeant Randy Wheeler with Trinity Police says the whole situation doesn't add up but there is a very real possibility a Craig's List add was involved. "We're not sure if it's actually a drug deal gone bad or if it was truly something that they were doing that involved Craig's list add but you know Craig's List has their little things on there that tells you to beware of scams and things like that."

Wheeler says the Willis man who filed the report says he and a friend met the 3 men in a Brookshire Brother's parking lot near Trinity but then moved to a dark side road. "According to the complainants, the suspects pulled a gun on them, robbed them of their money and took their keys and threw their keys out into the bushes so they couldn't drive, they took they took their phones as far as I know."

Authorities have not been able to find the alleged Craig's List add online or track the phone number the complaintant said he used to contact the suspects. "They did have a cell phone number but through our investigation we were unable to locate an owner of that number so we're assuming it's a go phone or something like that."

Authorities say they hope this incident will remind the public to use caution when purchasing or meeting people online from sites like Craig's List.  

Police say they have located some people that match the description of the suspects but are not releasing any names or vehicle descriptions due to an on-going investigation.

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