Bulldozer Dumps Off Trailer And Pours Gallons Of Diesel Onto Parking Lot

The truck was returning from Houston with a bulldozer on a trailer behind it. As it turned left to enter the loop from highway 59, the weight of that load shifted.

Captain Steve McCool of the Lufkin Fire Department said, "the trailer overturned and the front end loader fell on it's side, and poured out its fuel which is approximately 35 gallons of diesel and 2 or 3 gallons of oil."

The 35 gallons of diesel fuel poured out of the bulldozer, onto Total's parking lot and into the K-Mart parking lot. When Lufkin's Hazmat team arrived, it was nearing the parked cars in front of K-Mart.

"What we did was we simply put some soreball around the perimeter to keep it in one place because it is diesel," said McCool.

Diesel that can be ignited, and cause a major problem. The chemical they put around the river of fuel works just like placing sand on water. It absorbs the fuel so it can't spread.

Actual sand was brought in by TxDot, and placed on the fuel, and a cleanup crew was called in by the driver of the truck, Mickey Waters.

Police say Waters will not be ticketed for the accident, but they say he or his company will have to pay for the cost of cleaning up the fuel.