Halloween face-off

Interesting fact: For the last 16 years, the presidential candidate whose likeness has made the most sales at Halloween has won the election. So at 10, Leigha Hughes looks into which candidate do East Texas trick-or-treaters like the most this year.

It's Red Ribbon Week and at 5, Maegan Prejean sets to find out what the drug of choice is for teens this year. You may be very surprised by the answer.

At 6, Francesca Washington hits the streets to find out if the young generation is getting out their vote.

At 4, learn how a 10-year-old girl managed to avoid burglars in her house, call 911 and try to save her mom.

This may be the season for haunted mansions, but at 4:30, we'll show you one mansion that's haunting neighbors for the wrong reasons!

Are you like me and want to get rid of some unwanted wrinkles? You'll slap yourself silly when you see a new method at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor