Unconventional mask poll could hint at election outcome

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There's the Gallup Poll and then there's the less conventional presidential Halloween mask poll that has a surprisingly accurate track record. 

This election year, you might see a few less zombies and vampires this Halloween and more political candidates out trolling for candy.

Obama and Romney masks are flying off the shelves at Halloween stores across the country and several websites are tracking their sales.

Ty strings costume shop owner, Norman Want says many customers have been looking for candidate masks. "We are already out of current president's and runner ups for president but we still have some of the old school, your Jimmy Carters and your Ronald Reagan's and things of that nature.
It may not be the most scientific polling method but buying Halloween masks with presidential candidates faces on it has correctly predicted the winner since 1996.

Data on www.buycostumes.com shows the Obama-Biden campaign leading in the polls with 52% of mask sales over the Romney-Ryan campaign's, 48%.
Want said, "I don't think that's a very good way to pick a political election however, it makes it fun and people get involved and at least they're paying attention."

Assistant manager at Spirit Halloween, Shae Burton says she thinks buying candidate masks is a way for people to make a political statement. "Voice their opinions, I mean a lot of people keep who they vote for to themselves to maybe it's just a way for them to voice themselves."

The trend on www.buycostumes.com shows Obama masks outselling Romney masks most days. The website also shows some interesting mask sale numbers the day after the first 2 presidential debates.

After the 1st debate, Romney masks climbed to 61% with Obama masks at 11% and after the second, the results were more even, with 25% Obama and 28% for Romney.

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