Food sustainability is the new buzz word among SFA human science majors

Food sustainability is the new buzz word among SFA human science majors

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There's a vocabulary word Stephen F. Austin State University human sciences majors are hearing more and more - food sustainability. It makes them think about the origin of the eggs and milk used for this morning's pudding.

"I think about it sometimes," Johnathan Morris, a hospitality student from Sherman, said. "It's just kinda cool, like this could have come from anywhere in the U.S., or it could have come from somewhere local. I mean, you just never know where it came from."

The student's professor, Dr. Darla Daniel-O'Dwyer not only teaches food sustainability; she practices it too.

"I buy my eggs local. I buy my honey local," Daniel-O'Dwyer said. "I buy my beef local. I buy my milk local."

Most of these students admitted to eating un-sustained fast foods from sources difficult to trace.

"I like fast food and cheesecake," one unidentified student said.

But at least Jayne Jahnke tries to stay on the healthy track. Fresh fruits and vegetables are what she grew up eating.

"Made jams out of all of our peaches from the trees," Jahnke said. "We gathered pecans and all sorts of things. That's just how we ate."

More consumers are craving healthy fresh foods. Local farmer's markets and gardens always attract crowds. It's the kind of food chef Todd Barrios loves to put in the SFA Culinary Café dishes, yet he recognizes the challenges of using sustainable foods.

"It's just very difficult when you don't have the sources, or your main contributing factor is the dollar," Barrios said. "Typically, they are a little bit more expensive."

National Food Day, with its promotion of improved food policies, may lead to change.  After all, the proof is in the pudding, sustainable foods are healthy and nutritious.

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