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Wildlife experts chime in on bigfoot images


Wildlife officials say the possibility of bigfoot existing in East Texas is extremely remote. The key element, is tangible evidence.

"My opinion is they're not all animal as most people think they are, they're not human as we know it either," says the Dallas area photographer who claims he caught bigfoot on film.

The man is convinced that its proof bigfoot exists in East Texas.

"I've been out there I've seen them," he says.

Researchers think his photographs do show something is there.

"You have something interesting and very compelling, in an area that there's been known activity, its not definitive," says Mike Hall of Texla Cryptozoological Research.

But there are some down to earth scientific questions that need to be answered. What does a 4-to-500 pound , 8-to-9 foot animal need as far as habitat , food,  and water? And how can something that big simply vanish in the East Texas woods?"

 Ag agent Hugh Soape , viewed the video , and has questions.

"I've heard tales of bigfoot all my life. I'd be hard pressed to say there's really a basis to it. There's a lot of physical evidence that should be available that I don't see," Pope says.

A blood sample, DNA, or a specimen.

"They've got a distinct odor, if so why can't dogs track them," says Pope.

A recent droughts brought wildlife into populated areas, but no sign of the big hairy one. Black bears need over 4000 calories a day. A theoretic bigfoot would need twice that.

"Would have to have a lot to calories to survive. Its going to be an enormous appetite," he says.

The questions remain as mysterious as the animal itself.

"Why is there no physical evidence hair on a fence or hair on a tree," Pope says.

The photographer says he will release more images and videos of the elusive creature in the future.

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