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What happens if alcohol sale proposals pass?


Beer and wine sales are now in front of Tyler and Precinct 2 early voters. 

Wednesday, a Tyler City Council committee presented possible changes to the city code.

The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Committee outlined how they think the city code should be adjusted to regulate possible alcohol sales in Tyler. 

"What the committee looked at was, 'What are some of the concerns?,'" said Heather Nick, City Planner for Tyler. 

The presentation looked at where alcohol will be sold and where enclosed drive-through businesses, what many people call "beer barns", will be allowed. 

The committee recommends the sale of beer be prohibited in all residential areas. 

They also discussed distance requirements from churches, schools and other community places, something mainly regulated by the state. 

Enclosed drive-through businesses selling pre-packaged food or drinks will only be allowed by special permit.

Existing restaurants that have this type of drive-through will not be affected. 

Permit applicants must also meet all other applicable ordinances. 

"The Mayor formed this committee to look at various regulations we could implement to protect the aesthetics and the look of our community," Nicks said. 

The City Council says any ordinance changes will apply to everyone. 

They also want the community to know, if the proposals are passed, alcohol ordinances will be constantly evolving to fit the community's needs. 

"We want it to be smooth for everybody. Regardless of how you vote or how you feel about the matter, we just want the city to be prepared," said Mark Whatley, District 5 Councilmember.

Some are against introducing alcohol sales in Tyler, but Bob Westbrook of Buy Local First says either way the community is in good hands. 

"If it should pass we are in great hands with our city and county governments to make sure they do the right thing with the ordinances and also how they dispense the tax dollars," Westbrook said. 

The proposed amendments will now go to Tyler's Planning and Zoning Commission on November 6 for a public hearing. 

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