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Better East Texas: Buy Local First

By Bob Westbrook

Early voting has started and it's time to make a decision about whether we want to keep our dollars here or leave them at the county line.

We started this effort about a year ago after a poll of area citizens showed the support was there and the time was now. So we undertook the effort to legalize beer and wine sales to allow citizens of Tyler and Smith County JP 2 the chance to decide for themselves.

As we moved through the process, we were encouraged when thousands of individuals stepped up to sign petitions - placing the two propositions on the November ballot. We have gained momentum recently after a nationally recognized economist said the financial impact could be better than we originally thought, in addition to a report from Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith who said his research showed that crime did not increase in other communities that have taken this step.  

Now we are asking citizens to go to the polls and vote for Propositions 1 and 2, because we know the support is here and you have told us the time is now. Let's Buy Local First because it just makes cents.

Remember, these propositions will be the last thing on the ballot so finish the ballot and vote "for" propositions 1 & 2. For more information go to


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