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Freedom Fighters: Ramon Buhay

By Joan Hallmark

This newspaper from seventy years ago, doesn't begin to capture the trauma of the Pearl Harbor bombing, where the U.S. Pacific fleet was destroyed by a Japanese sneak attack.

The day after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked the Philippines, where the U.S. Had its biggest air base, and by January 2.1942 the Philippine capitol of Manilla had fallen.

Ramon Buhay miraculously lived through it all.

Buhay, a captain in the Philippine army, was later inducted into the U.S. Army, but most of his fighting during World War Two was espionage and guerilla warfare.

Wearing clothes of the common laborer, Buhay moved from village to village, mapping out Japanese installations and troop positions.

Gathering intelligence, as well as evading the Japanese, meant hiding in the mountains and the jungles, swimming in crocodile infested rivers, and going days without food.

There were many narrow escapes during that time.

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