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Is thrifty dating a turn on?

We've all been there: broke and looking for love. Maybe it's happening to you now. Is your budget taking a bite out of your dating life?

There is no rule that says you have to shell out big bucks to impress a potential love interest.

It's a well known fact: dinner, drinks, a movie; it all adds up, and fast.

But wooing doesn't need to be a budget buster.

A lot of restaurants now send coupons in the mail and even in your email. Bring those along next time you go out!

It's guaranteed: you won't be alone. Twenty-six percent of people surveyed said they've used a coupon on a first date.

So, think being thrifty is a turnoff? Think again.

Twenty-six percent of people also said they would have a positive reaction if their date used a coupon.

Seventy-three percent said it just might lead to a second date.

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