Cold front settles in

Feel that cool breeze?! Some of us are loving it, some not so much. How much more of these cooler temps do we have on the horizon? Brad Hlozek will tell you at 6.

The Angelina County Jail has turned into a revolving door for a Lufkin man, with three felony arrests in nine days. Caleb Beames explains how this happened in his report at 6.

An Oompa band from Germany arrived in Angelina County today. All in the name of Oktoberfest. Maegan Prejean has the report at 6.

He put himself in harm's way to save a police officer's life. Now, a homeless man in Dallas is being recognized as a hero. We'll have that story at 4.

At 4:30, check out this dog in North Carolina who is being called a hero, for calling 911 for her owner!

What would you give up for World Series tickets? A house? We found someone who is that desperate! That story's at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor