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Strange sighting has eyes in the sky in Illinois

Some people in southern Illinois are reporting something strange hovering in the skies in recent days -- and nobody knows what it is.

At the Hecker Country Store it's been the hot topic of discussion all day long.

Everybody keeps coming in, starting at it breakfast through lunch, stating they saw something in the sky.

What they've seen has them all mystified.

Large, bright light with four lights around it rotating, some have said its single, bright solid colored light, others have said it's red, green, yellow and pink just rotating around.

Witnesses say it was much larger than a planet, but it definitely was not the moon.

Judy and Jim Rachell live in Freeburg, Illinois.

They first saw the unidentified lights back in early October.

"It looked like the sun that had shrunken down to like the size of soccer ball and that's what it looked like to me," Judy said. 

But Jim and Judy say they haven't called the police because they won't believe them anyway.

But Judy did tell her husband who was skeptical at first.

She got me out of bed and over to the window and there it was.

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